The start of any successful & cost-effective project

We usually start all of our projects by defining three main steps.
The first step is to understand who you are.
The second is where you stand.
The third is where you must go, in order to achieve your vision.

With the information gathered in these three steps, we have all the information necessary to start conceptualizing your communication strategy.

  • Marketing strategy: key success factors, SWOT analysis, ocean blue, market research, positionning, value proposition, target determination
  • Sales efficency: client universe and databases, segmentation, targeting, visit targets, sales force sizing and territory alignement, business intelligence, CRM, incentive schemes
  • Conceptualize.

    Designing the perfect idea.

    This is the creative part. We brainstorm, discuss, argue, experiment, cross fertilize our minds, and research thoroughly. We look at our full range of capabilities and come up with ideas. We cross some out. We reframe them within your budget and timelines. Finally, we work hand in hand with you to shortlist the ideas that could work, and move on to creating prototypes.

    With a list of viable options that could fit your needs, we come back to you for validation.

  • User experience (UX) and user interface (UI) research, creative brainstorming, human centric research
  • Produce.

    Using our toolkit. Staying pragmatic.

    This is the part where we start building. Whether its a website, an app, a poster, a business intelligence tool, an illustration, a video production, an animation or whatever else we imagined together. We implicate you throughout our progress and always remain dedicated to your vision and needs.

    We deliver. We also help implement and support you whenever needed.

  • Digital Marketing: front-end and back-end web development of websites and apps, e-mailings, SEO and SEA, user experience design (UX) and interface design (UI), content creation (graphic design, image production and editing, video, content writing), business intelligence software, CRM
  • Photos, videos and animations: storyboard creation, production, post-production, coloring, editing, sound mastering, animations, motion graphics
  • Social media and community management: set up and configuration of campaigns, creation and management of posts (visual assets, captions, hashtags), moderation, analysis
  • Graphic design: brand identity (logos, colors, typography, packaging, etc.), promotional brochures and handouts, advertisements
  • Events and PR
  • Print
  • Analyze & Adapt.

    There’s always room to improve.

    We aim to produce the highest quality of work, but we analyze and maintain a critical eye over time on what we deliver. Furthermore, we know that needs and landscapes evolve, visions change.

    Since being proactive is in our DNA, we continually analyze our impact and will challenge you to loop back with us to step one.

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