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Historically, those suffering from a chronic disease, or a serious accident needed to be evaluated in a multi-disciplinary manner in university centres. This evaluation process allowed to determine the degree of invalidity, and the level of compensation ensured by the AI (Swiss Invalidity Insurance). In order to deal with the increasing demand of these evaluations, the Federal Social Insurance Office allowed private centres to offer this service. To ensure the quality of these evaluations as well as the legal delay imparted by the state, we developed a software (iMedX) specifically catered for private centres: Cemedex in Fribourg, along with SMAB GmbH in Bern and Saint-Gallen. iMedX ensures a proper patient notification in their different evaluation centres, the follow-up of these evaluations (to ensure the respect of legal delays), along with the billing of these various services. Finally, the automated notification system ensured an optimal management of affected patients.

ELK agency's achievements, Creative & Digital agency in Lausanne for IMEDX
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