SIX Financial Information

App & Website development • Brand Identity • Search engine optimization • User experience & Interface design

As product design consultants, we helped define the end to end visual and user experience framework of the digital brand identity for SIX Financial Information's websites and productivity apps.

We assisted and lead the UX/UI development of all the SIXFI SaaS. We produced major deliverables such as user flows, wireframes, visual mockups, and prototypes. In collaboration with the internal team we produced SIX ONE.

SIX ONE was the result of a shared vision to streamline the SIX experience and propulse it into the future. We combined a profound understanding of how users interact with their systems, with a brave and confident restructuring of their products and services.

By simultaneously leveraging a brand new intuitive visual language, we ensured that users would not only enjoy getting things done efficiently, but would do them in a beautiful, clear and concise environment.
SIX ONE was designed to be a brave, confident and innovative outlook on the future of how users interact with financial data.

ELK agency's achievements, Web & Marketing agency in Lausanne for SIX FINANCIAL INFORMATION
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